About Us


About Us

Who is Metro?

At Metro we are known as an industry leader who brings forward thinking solutions to our customers. Our services save people money, and solve their problems. We bring a high level of customer service, communication and reliability, and provide consistent value to our clients over the long term, providing innovative, technologically-based, confidential solutions to our clients who need them.

What makes us different from our peers?

  • Our passion for Integrity
  • Our commitment to serve our customers
  • Our commitment to nailing the details
  • Strategic partners that magnify and enhance our core competencies
  • In-house expertise and systems for every aspect of delivering your most important message
  • A team of experienced and talented outsourcing specialists equipped with the latest industry knowledge and industry best practices to help your business succeed

Our Reputation and Integrity

Vision and Mission statements come and go but our values live on. We start with the timeless value of Integrity. It affects everything we do and stand for. Within the Integrity of our work we will deliver high quality solutions that deliver customer success.

Our Values

Personal Integrity : The right people with the highest Personal Integrity will build a company that will grow, prosper and overcome any challenge.

Team Integrity : How we communicate, manage, mentor, retain, train and work as a team will determine how successful we will become and how much fun we will have.

Work Integrity : For work to have true integrity it must consistently deliver substantial value (Customer Success) and exemplify effective leadership.

Lockbox Services

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Transactional Communications...

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Metro Presort

Obtain maximum postage discounts, outsource postage metering and achieve faster delivery time with Metro’s in-house sorting....

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Marketing Communications...

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