The lifetime value of a patient is more than $1.5 million. Let’s keep patients happy!

Every patient communication is an opportunity to enhance or lose credibility. Let’s work together to cement your patient relationships and build long term patient loyalty.

The patient’s billing and payment experience is an important part of their overall experience with the physician or provider. Satisfied patients are more apt to discuss the services of your organization in a positive light. On average, each unhappy patient will tell 11 others about his or her bad experience. On the other hand, patients who are fully satisfied with the billing process are more than five times as likely to recommend their hospital to friends, and about 91% would recommend their physicians, when compared to those who are less than satisfied

RevUp the patient collection experience

Knowing your patient payment preferences is priority number one to a successful billing and collection workflow. Do they prefer to pay by text message? Email in their online account?

Today’s patients want choices when it comes to paying their bills. Make it easy for them by providing lots of options for them to choose from. The more convenient and easy it is for them, the more likely they are to pay, and pay quickly. Are you RevvingUp your patient experience? Well, are you?

Quality statement print and mail

We offer full color, dynamic statements and a variety of choices to interact with your patients, from email, text and IVR. All interaction points drive your patients to a modern, convenient online payment portal and allow you to enhance patient relations, patient satisfaction and drive quicker access to cash for your organization.  

  • Build patient goodwill and patient loyalty
  • Improved patient experience
  • Get important communications to your patients faster
  • Get quicker access to cash
  • Mail tracking
  • Virtually eliminate your HIPAA exposure related to PHI

Lockbox Services

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