Admin Tools

Admin Tools
  • We make your return address be to a PO Box we setup for you.
  • Our team will pick up the mail at the PO Box.
  • Our team will scan in the addresses and update the new address if available from the USPS.
  • We will return the data to you in a spreadsheet so that you can update your core system.

Due to the stringent Move Update requirements of the USPS and the significant potential penalties for non-compliance which attach to the mail owner, CASS certification and Change of Address hygiene services, along with return files for our customers to use to update their databases or mailing lists, have been embedded into our automated workflow for years. By managing the data correctly on the front-end, we can be sure to eliminate any headaches associated with return mail.

To balance the USPS initiative to minimize undeliverable mail, optimizing our customers’ postal costs and maximizing deliverability, we will review the CASS reject codes with our customers in order to determine which reject codes have the highest likelihood of being delivered to the desired recipient despite failing to qualify for zip+4 designation. Although CASS does correct certain types of legacy address issues such as incorrect directional, USPS street changes, adding a missing zip code, etc., the software cannot correct all address omissions including missing street number or street name or invalid delivery point. As such, our return files will include CASS the reject code so that further investigation can be done by our customers to correct the address for the next mailing.

The use of 2D barcodes is a best in class method to ensure the highest quality possible for every mail piece. When 2D barcodes are used, the original processing file is sent to a computer on the inserting machine. During processing, the inserting machine will read a barcode on the page and when it does, it will match that barcode to a record in the file to verify each page as it’s processed.

As the mail piece exits the system, an exit scan is performed to verify that every mail piece actually made it through the inserting machine. Reporting is provided to show the sequence of barcodes scanned through the window of the envelopes. By using the 2D barcode, you avoid older more error prone inserting methods such as:

  • Manual feeding static and specific number of pages, which is a slow and error prone process.
  • Optical Mark Recognition which does not allow for a unique identity for customer’s pages and requires a lot of clear space on a document.
  • 3 of 9 or 128 barcodes can get large very quickly the more information they contain and take up space on the page.

Systematize your production runs with our online web view management tool. There is no software to download or install. Some of the system features are:

  • Web proofing
  • Omit/hold certain documents from the bulk production run
  • Track letter data file receipt and processing
  • Multi-channel delivery options: email, SMS Text & IVR
  • Online payment
  • Set security levels for different organizational departments
  • Document archiving for a complete job and document history
  • Runs on any tablet or mobile device

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